The Insider’s Guide to Accelerate Your Acting Success

“It takes 10 years to become an actor” is what most people hear.  But what if you could dramatically shortcut that time?  How would it change your life if you knew the insider strategies to get work?  That’s exactly what you will learn in this powerful, career-changing intensive so that you can make money NOW with your craft.


Your interactive jam-packed crash course will include:

  • How to Apply the #1 Money-Making Principle that the most successful actors of today have used to generate a MASSIVE income
  • Why 90% of headshots are ineffective and how to make yours stand out to generate more auditions
  • Insider’s Strategy to become SAG-AFTRA eligible within 2 weeks!
  • Not many credits?  Not a problem!  Creative and easy ways to boost your resume
  • How to Avoid the 5 biggest mistakes actors make when pursuing an agent

*Casting: Demystifying the Process

Bonus:  Participate in a goal planting exercise powered by Neuro-Linguistic-Programming technology that will bring your goals closer to you almost automatically


You’ll leave this workshop with:
*Your individualized action plan to take your career to the next level
*Strategies that will save you thousands of dollars and years of time


Success Stories from Working with Jona:

“I just moved to LA two months ago (from London), and since [working with Jona], I’ve gotten myself 15 auditions, including Fox film and producer’s callback for a major CBS film…all this while being non-union and with no agent, something people told me was ‘impossible.” -Rayman Jilani

“Using Jona’s innovative and cutting-edge tools, I have over 15 requests for meetings from agents and managers that I truly wanted to work with (ex. Innovative Artists, KSR, etc.), with only 2 student film credits.  We generated a target list and creatively packaged my submission to stand out amongst the rest.”

- Brian Chin

“I just booked 4 projects including 2 commercials and I just started 2 weeks ago!  Thank you Jona for helping me become a working actor in such a short time!”

- Deyne Umphress



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